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There are thousands of hair raising stories from people who claim to have experienced many different kinds of hauntings . Ghosts, spirits and apparitions are just a few of the names used to described these entities encountered world wide. It would seem that an encounter could happen...

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Unidentified Flying Objects

The U.F.O. phenomenon has been going on for thousands of years all around the world. Ancient written records reveal numerous accounts of sightings and contact with crafts and beings from the "heavens." As we progress through history to the modern day encounters continue to happen even beyond the limits of our atmosphere. From the person next door to NASA there has been an overwhelming amount of evidence to indicate that something is going on. Yet even with all the evidence that is out there the question still remains, "Are they real?" It is obvious that something is going on, but what? Are the UFOs we see really extraterrestrial or do they come from somewhere closer...

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Targeted Individuals

Targeted Individuals

People from all around the world claim to be being terrorized by what is commonly called "gang stalking". They report hearing voices in their head that say all kinds of things including telling them to kill people. Many of the things they say happens to them sounds like the ravings of a schizophrenic, but...

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The Human Condition

What Is Sleep

Sleep is a fascinating aspect of human life that continues to be a mystery. It's true purpose is still not entirely known. Sleep is required by nearly every human as well as the majority of animals for survival. Without sleep the normal person would perish from...

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Animal "Instinct"

From Beavers to Salmon there are some amazing occurrences within the animal kingdom which have been termed "instinct". But what is instinct? Scientifically it is the term to describe innate abilities that animals are born with. Some animals have some truly amazing "instinctual" abilities that...

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Psychic Abilities

There are a large variety of abilities under the umbrella of psychic powers. When we think of a psychic we generally get an image of someone sitting at a round table with a crystal ball placed in the center eager to tell us our future. Using tools like tarot cards and tea leaves they claim the see...

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Super Humans

Super Human Abilities

The human body in and of itself is an amazing construct. Designed in a way that makes us superior in many ways compared to other living creatures. As amazing as it already is, there are those that are able to do things far beyond the norm. Pushing their bodies to the...

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Mythical Monsters

Do Monsters Live Among Us

We have all heard the stories of people coming into contact with strange and unknown creatures. All across the globe people have  come forward with their stories about Bigfoot, Chupacabras, The Moth Man and more. Are these just figments of peoples imaginations or are there really undiscovered creatures lurking...

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Programmer Theory

The Programmer Theory

The Programmer Theory is an ideology that explores the possibility that the reality that we know is some type of program. There are plenty of evidences like DNA that helps prove that all of this had to come from some type of programmer. Come with us as we explore the possibilities more deeply. Help gather evidence to substantiate the claims that we are nothing more than a simulation. You could be the one that...

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